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My life kind of feels like it’s been on hold for awhile now. I haven’t had a driving in lesson in a few months. I also haven’t been to the gym in over a month. I keep telling myself that I will do all these things when I get a job, when I feel better, when I have a set routine. I have a never-ending repertoire of excuses at my disposal. I am a master at how not to get something done.

Thing is, they are all just excuses. I could go back to the gym now and do a nice easy yoga class. Get my muscles moving a little, even if I’m not ready to hit a cardio class just yet. I already have set shifts at the bar so I can easily plan some driving lessons with my mum or partner. I was doing one or two a week a few months ago. The fact of the matter is that it’s now cold outside (and raining today) and I’m desperate for any excuse to do as little as humanly possible.

I want to stay indoors, glued to my computer, until it’s absolutely essential for me to leave the house. But, if I am successful in this short term goal, I will fail at some of my other long term goals, such as:

  1. Getting my driver’s licence after 32 years on this planet
  2. Getting fit and healthy and generally feeing better about myself
  3. Getting fit enough to do Tough Mudder in November.

None of these are going to happen if I stay indoors and on the couch. Although, the upside is that, if I do, this blog will no doubt be epic (if only in the sense that I will be posting regularly, can’t vouch for the content!). Ah, the tough decisions in life. I suppose I better get my ass in gear. Next week! 😉

Image credit: Ben Gillin | Tumblr