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Image credit: Redbubble

Well today, I think I ‘adulted’ at a pretty high level. We got up relatively early (considering we worked last night) and had breakfast at a new café. I had some very tasty chorizo scotch eggs with breakfast beans and a delicious Egyptian rose and hibiscus sparkling iced tea, that, come to think of it, wasn’t actually all that sparkling. Oh well, it was still yummy. My partner had a bacon and egg roll with his morning coffee and then finished off my breakfast remnants (as per usual).

After breakfast, we headed over to a local vintage/recycled clothing store to try and find a dress for me to wear to our bar’s second birthday party. As luck would have it, the first dress I tried on was perfect, aside from needing some taking in (the dress was a size 12, I’m a size 6). We snapped it up and rushed across town to get it to a tailor so it would be ready in time for Tuesday’s party. This was a major win as I definitely didn’t feel like spending my morning trying on a million dresses. Success is indeed sweet.

Party outfit done, we headed to a local home-ware centre and really stepped up our grown person game. Quite a few hours were spent wandering the many, many stores. We had an original plan to try and find some photo frames and an office chair as well as scope out some curtains/shutters we’d gotten a quote for earlier in the week. Well… let me tell you, we walked out of there with sooooo much stuff we probably don’t need and, turns out, the window store isn’t even at the home-ware centre anymore (if it ever was, I think that dude was tripping balls). Still, I feel like we came out on top.

We scored about 13 photos frames, only two of which were part of the original plan. Our new plan is to create a photo frame wall on one side of our dining room. We also bought a ceramic elephant head, which will be the centrepiece of our wall of frames. We then proceeded to buy four patterned cushions for the couch (which our dogs have promptly turned into their own personal comfort spots), a new vase, a suspended light fixture for the bathroom (with super pretty ‘star’ filament light bulbs), a new dining set and an office chair (due to be delivered in 7 weeks). Plus, we found some curtain fabric we like so we’ll be able to organise the curtains for the living room now. Yesss!

So yeah, it was like Xmas unpacking everything when we got home. My partner has already put Mr Elephant up on the wall along with one of the photo frames. The plan is to have people over for dinner, once we have our dining chairs back from the upholsterer. Oh yeah, and we did a solid grocery shop so the fridge is full of food, for the first time in weeks!

Adulting sure is expensive but, damn, it’s fun.