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I’m pleased to report that I actually got off my ass and went to the gym today! Holy shit, I’ve lost so much strength. I did a weights class and, five minutes in, I was already puffed. My poor little muscles! I’m going to be so sore. Part of me is almost glad I’ll be too busy to go to the gym tomorrow. But I’m determined to get back there on Wednesday (note to self: must. not. be. hungover. Must exercise self control).

What’s keeping me from the gym tomorrow? Well, it’s the bar I work at’s second birthday and I need to pick up my outfit from the tailor at 8am. Then we’ve got our team photo at 10am and I have an interview at 1pm before I have to come back and set up the floor from 3pm. Will work til close, I’m guessing (midnight). Tomorrow is going to be a busy one; no time for the gym or any uni work, I’m guessing.

I have two ‘humour sketches’ due next week Tuesday so will need to work on those this week (workshopping them with an online  study group is part of the grade). I want to have a first draft ready today, if possible. PLUS I’ve decided to ditch one of the courses I’d booked in for next study period, so I need to pick a new one sometime soon. Maybe not today.

AND THEN… over the weekend, I decided to turn down the job that was moving really fast last week. I didn’t think I’d be challenged enough so I called the recruiter and cancelled today’s interview. Plus then I heard that the job I really wanted has been cancelled. They liked me but they’re going to use internal people to do what needs to be done. So, now I just have the one job on the go; the best paid one that I’m due to interview for tomorrow. Will have to do some prep work for that later today as well.

So yeah, it’s going to be a busy day for me today and tomorrow. At least the party at work will be fun. I’m excited to wear my new dress and get all prettied up (not that I don’t usually put some effort into my work appearance). I couldn’t work the last birthday party because I was interstate for my job at the time and didn’t get back til late (and was super tired when I did). So am stoked to be able to be there this time. Yay!

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