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Well, I was hungover yesterday but I did exert some self control, so all is not lost. Things could have ended much, much worse for me (as it stands, I think it was a fair bit worse for my partner). I went easy on the drinking and, although I did get home late, that was mostly because I didn’t really get started until 11.30pm, when they signed me off from work.

Oh, and I am so, so sore from the gym (which I didn’t attend yesterday or today, for that matter). The backs of my legs are still killing me from all the squats and lunges we did in that weights class. As to why I didn’t get to the gym today, I blame uni work. I had a bit to catch up on and also I promised a friend that I’d rework the copy for a green tea company she’s putting together. I’d never done anything like that before but it was quite fun. Hopefully, she likes it.

On the job front, my interview went well, I think. It’s a job supporting three department heads and I was interviewed by each one back to back. So three separate half hour interviews (plus a little bit, on some). Just as you started to develop rapport with one person, it was onto the next one and, by the last interview, I was pretty shattered. Sadly, the guy noticed but I think I may have managed to perk up at the end when we got talking about ocean conservationism and books. I’m due to hear back tomorrow.

They originally said Wednesday but I just found out today that the last guy had to fly overseas urgently and so they didn’t get to meet when they’d planned to. The recruiter sounded hopeful but, really, I just have to wait and see and work on not getting my hopes up although I will cross my fingers (and toes and eyes). It’s just my luck, somehow something always seems to come up to prevent me from hearing back when I was supposed to and I end up spending so much more time stressing about something I have exactly zero control over. It’s a very nerve wracking time waiting for that call that decides your fate.

It would be lovely not to have to look at my CV or apply for another job for at least six months (the length of the contract but it has the potential to extend). My god, thinking about it, that would actually be fucking amazing.

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