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Image credit: Ros Hassall | Pinterest

Another peaceful weekend over. Probably the most exciting thing we did was to attend a French bulldog picnic on Sunday morning (pics below). Soooo many snub-faced little beasties running amok. All the snuffling and snorting and occasional growling and snapping was hilarious.

There were dogs in fancy dress, including one in a little ladybird outfit and another in a stereotypical French ensemble – striped shirt, red scarf, etc. There was another dog – wreathed in flowers – who had perfected a terrifying death howl that had everyone turning around to see who or what was being murdered, only to discover a tiny little dog with nothing the matter (aside from general socialisation issues).

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Photo 28-06-2015 11 24 10 amPhoto 28-06-2015 11 24 19 am

Aside from that little adventure, we both worked Saturday night so our prospects for misbehaviour were somewhat limited (or at least they were this weekend). We spent Saturday morning catching up with my partner’s best friend who became a dad back in February and we had yet to meet the little one. There was talk of my partner being the godfather so we felt particularly guilty about not seeing the baby, but we have now so all good. We then hit up a hardware store and bought a curtain rod to go with last weekend’s curtain find. Fantastically exciting stuff.

Sunday was spent at the French bulldog fun day followed by some DIY time installing our new curtains. My partner did the measuring and drilling while I dutifully ironed the curtains. My god, ironing is dull but I did feel nice and domestic for a little while there, which doesn’t happen often. And the curtains look good and will block some of the winter cold from coming in through the windows. An added bonus.

We then decided to get out in the glorious winter sun so we took ourselves down to North Bondi and sat on the grass eating empanadas. It was a nice end to the day, really. We’d planned to go out for a bit of a dance but my partner didn’t quite feel 100% so we decided to stay in and ended up just spending the night watching crap TV on the couch and ordering in for dinner.

So yes, it was a very lazy weekend, which means I’m feeling productive and un-hungover today and that can only mean one thing: the gym *cue epic, inspirational music that is not Eye of the Tiger, maybe something more like the Indiana Jones theme song*. Yes, I’m all kitted up and ready to go. Have plans to attend a 1.10pm class and keep it up during the week. I will admit to eating a LOT of pastries this weekend so some time at the gym is definitely in order. I blame the bar’s 2nd birthday for last week’s failure to commit. Ok, ok, I suppose I have to take some responsibility but I want you to know that I’m not happy about it.