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There were ups and downs to today.


  1. I got my shit together and went to the gym for the second day in a row (go me!)
  2. It was super-busy at work so the night went really quickly
  3. Figured out that I only have one working weekend (meaning one working Saturday) left before I go away for Splendour in the Grass. I have this weekend off, am working next weekend, have the following one off again (the 18th) and then the following week is Splendour! Woohoo!
  4. I’m one week in on my Dry July (no alcohol) commitment and things are going well (although I haven’t really been tempted, as yet). I want to be able to drink at Splendour so I officially started Dry July on Wed 24 June so I can be done on 23 July 🙂


  1. I didn’t get as much uni work done as I’d like so tomorrow will be quite busy
  2. I still haven’t heard back about the role I went for last Tuesday (bit of a comedy of errors/shit fight – they were meant to get back to the recruiter on the Wednesday but one of the guys had to fly overseas at the last minute so they said they’d re-group and get back to the recruiter by Friday but then she had to leave work early and they called but didn’t want to leave a message. So she spent Monday (and I assume today) trying to get hold of them and I still haven’t heard back. Goddamn, there’s always something!)

The job search down is a pretty big one as I just want to be done with all the CVs and job websites and interviews. I’m not regretting turning that other job down but I am incredibly frustrated. But let’s end the night on a positive note, we got to the gym, we’re going again tomorrow and we didn’t drink and now I’m home early and able to snuggle the dogs on the couch for a bit before bed. Yay!

Image credit: Retrogasm | Tumblr