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And so it goes, back to the start of the job search cycle.

Today, I found out that I didn’t get the most recent role I interviewed for. Luckily, I was still curating a shortlist of next possible jobs to apply for so I just have to get back onto that. I swear to whoever-is-up there (my guess: no one), if I never see another resume or sit for another interview it will be waaaayyyy too soon. I’m SO unbelievably over it, you cannot possibly imagine. But, such is life. Shit’s hard sometimes and you just have to stick it out. Giving up isn’t really an option. If I really need another job (and I do) then I just have to suck it up.

My partner suggested that I look for full time work because I’ll have more options but then I’d be back where I started, being super stressed out trying to get all my uni work done in time. And most likely without the added benefit of paid study days (a perk provided by my previous employer). Another option is to drop down to part time study but I really can’t get my head right with not finishing until 2017 sometime. So really, this is all I’m willing to accept (seeing as I want somewhat of a social life) so I just have to take the bad with the eventual good (if/when I do find a job).

The hardest thing is knowing that I turned down a job, which probably would have meant I’d be employed by now. But I can’t think about that. I didn’t want that job. I would have been bored. I can’t get all revisionist and shit now that things had fallen through and I’m feeling despondent. Sure, I would have a job but I would’ve hated it soon enough. Gotta focus on the long term, can’t take the first thing that comes along just because I’m tired of looking.

*Sigh* Oh well, back to the drawing board it is. Gotta kiss more frogs, knock on a few more doors, basically keep putting myself out there. Deal with the rejection. Try not to take it personally (ha!). Something will come of it, eventually. Can’t face it today though (looking at job descriptions right now is making me want to punch myself in the face). At this rate, maybe I’ll have a job by the end of the year!

No, I won’t end on that note. I’ll end on this:
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