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Sometimes I’ll feel sorry for the words I have to cull in my blog posts or uni assignments. If I’ve used a word twice in a sentence and I’m cutting one instance out, I’ll umm and ahh about whether I try to keep the first use of the word (it was typed it first so it has the most right to be there) or the word that’s with the part that’s staying (because I don’t want to separate them). I will actually spend some time thinking about this and even undo my first (or second choice) if I feel like I’ve made the wrong decision.

What is this madness? What does it matter? They’re words on a screen that don’t have any feelings! They don’t care if they stay or go. If anyone should care, it’s the computer that’s projecting/creating the letters but still…

Why am I even thinking about this shit?!? Don’t I have better stuff to worry about? I KNOW I do. Get over it, Rivera. Get your shit together. I mean, goddamn!

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