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Well, I don’t want to jinx anything but I went for a final interview this morning and… THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB right there in the room. They were excited. I’m excited. They still need to finalise the details amongst themselves and with the recruitment agency. But, basically, I just have to wait for the letter of offer and I should start next week or the week after.

Despite how well it all went and how keen they are to have me on board, there’s a very cynical part of me that whispers, “Until that document is signed, things could still fall through”. I suppose it’s technically right but I’m going to go ahead and have a little bit of faith (yes, there’s still some doubt in the back of my mind). I’m just so glad to NOT have to look at my resume again. To not have to write another cover letter. To not search online job sites every week. It sucks balls and I will never, ever miss the absolute fucking shit fight that is job hunting. I suppose I had it somewhat easy in a way as at least I had a job to tide me over. Job hunting while jobless would be a soul destroying endeavour.

As soon as I left the interview, I felt like I was walking on air. I wanted to tell my partner in person so, when he texted me to see how it went, I just said “They’re going to discuss and get back to me.” Then I waited for the right moment and, when I told him, I could tell he was almost as happy as me. And relieved, the poor bastard. You really do go through it together when one member of a couple is struggling to feel good about their life and what the fuck they’re doing with it.

Well, assuming the job hunt gods don’t fuck me over (again), I shall shoon be on my way to feeling more productive with my life. I’m going to have to find a new batch of excuses for why I’m not doing stuff. Or hey – here’s a novel idea – maybe do all this stuff I’ve been putting off because I wanted to wait until I had a “set routine” (which I already had). Whatevs. This is a new chapter. Let’s not get all down on ourselves before we’ve even begun. This is a happy moment and we shall treat it as such!

I think I will treat myself to some champagne this weekend. I’ve earned it.

Image credit: Wantacamera