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I’m actually a bit surprised by how little I’m letting myself celebrate Friday’s job development. The verbal offer just doesn’t seem like enough to go on to truly relax into it. Have I really had that many things snatched from me at the last minute? Am I now a pessimist? I’d never really considered myself one… Until now. Maybe I am. Maybe I should stop worrying about labelling myself.

In the spirit of talking about things and hopefully making them more real, I thought I’d share the story of how I almost didn’t get this job. If I have truly got it, that is. And there we go again with the doubts. Shut up, Natalie, and just get on with the story.

So… I had the first interview via Skype with the recruiter in Brisbane. Things seemed to go well despite me never using Skype before. I practised with my partner that morning, just to make sure my video chat game was on point. It seems I was my usual charming, witty self because they called me back to arrange a second interview the following week. The catch? It would be held in Sydney but on a day when I was still on holiday in Byron Bay. So it seems it was to be another Skype interview. I agreed to it, whatever, I killed it last time. This time would be no different.

EXCEPT, except, except… this time the interview would be two days after a three day drug and alcohol bender. Foolish, foolish Natalie. This didn’t even occur to me until Tuesday morning when I woke up and felt like I’d rather die than sit for an interview. I’d tried to organise a late check out from our WiFi’d up holiday home (so I could at least Skype in the comfort of an actual house) but the real estate agent hadn’t gotten back to me by check out time.

That was all beside the point though because I’d worked myself up into a state of major panic. My partner suggested solutions for how I could still be interviewed but I wasn’t having any of it. I came up with a supposedly believable story that included my no late check out situation plus a manic walk up and down the streets of Byron in search of a café with WiFi and sufficient quiet in which to be interviewed. While the no late check out was true, I definitely hadn’t gone in search of any café WiFi . I was too busy trying not to die over breakfast.

Story sorted, I left a message about my “situation” with the recruiter’s receptionist and thought, ‘Yep, that’ll be the end of it’. I was wrong. The recruiter called me back and convinced me to take the interview. Cue me nearly in tears, trying to look presentable (no make up except some hastily added lipstick, hair a frizzed mess) sitting in our rental car booting up Skype with the intention of tethering my computer to my phone for internet purposes.

Disaster. It was too dark in the car for my face to be visible. My partner very obligingly drove us around to a nearby park where I tried various in-car positions before running from park bench to park bench in search of the perfect lighting. I never found it but I did find ‘sufficient’ lighting. When they Skyped me in, I couldn’t even see their faces as there was too much glare on my screen. Anyways, things seemed to go well enough. I must have impressed them so much with my resourcefulness that, when my laptop battery died, they just called me back on my mobile and we laughed and laughed. Not really, but there was a chuckle or two.

So there you have it, my comedy of errors job interview that seems to have yielded results. I did have to go in for another interview on Friday but mostly just so they could meet me in person and reassure themselves that I wasn’t a total nutcase. Which I’m not (that they know of). Also, I prettied myself up with makeup and did my hair so I think that counted in my favour.

Image credit: More than Skin Deep