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Winter turns me into a very lazy person. Well, maybe not so much lazy as extremely focused on cold avoidance, whether that means staying in bed or not wanting to leave my prime position on the couch in front of the heater. And who could blame me? I have to fight the dogs and/or my partner to get to this spot; everyone seems to want it. Although, one dog seems content to lie on the floor directly in front of the heater, extreme heat be damned!
Some days it’s hard to get out of bed. When it’s cold, I just want to stay where it’s warm and cosy. We have a very comfortable bed. We went on holiday quite a number of years ago and slept at a hotel with the most amazingly comfortable beds. We came back determined to splash out on a good quality mattress and we’ve never looked back. I feel like the cosy mattress is partly to blame for my reluctance to start the day.
While the bed works against me, our lack of blinds works for me. We had our windows replaced because they were old and didn’t open or close properly anymore. During the process, the old blinds got taken away to make room for the plantation shutters we plan on having installed. Little did we know how long it would take us to organise these and then for them to actually be installed (we’re talking about three months total). So, we’re currently living with no blinds on our bedroom windows, which creates problems for obvious reasons (aside from just not being able to sleep in).
It’s actually not that bad. Of a morning, the light streams in and it’s quite difficult to sleep past 8am at best (7am usually). It can be quite nice to just wake up and soak up the sun. Although, the early morning natural alarm clock is somewhat less welcome on mornings when you’ve finished work late or had a few drinks too many. Then it is extremely unwelcome and the new shutters can’t come soon enough.
Still, I’m trying to embrace it. As of next week, I’ll be starting my new job, which means back to normal morning hours and only two nights a week at the bar. The lack of blinds won’t matter so much then because I’ll have to be up anyway, if I plan to get to work on time. The lack of privacy is another matter. Luckily, there’s enough of the exhibitionist in me to not be too worried about who can see into our bedroom for the next four to six weeks. 😉