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Photo 15-01-2015 7 58 41 pm

Today is the first day of my new job. I’m both nervous and excited but definitely more excited. I feel like my life is going to change or, at the very least, my lifestyle will. I’ll be working four days a week (Monday – Thursday) at reduced hours or maybe three full days and a few hours from home on Thursday (my preference is for the latter). I was still going to do two nights a week at the bar but, over the weekend, my partner said why bother? Just cut down to one and use the money I got from my tax return to bolster my income for the 15 months I have left of study. So that’s exciting and gives me more time to get my uni work done and also an extra night to be social.

I start at 12.30pm today. They asked me to come in a little bit later so they have time to get ready for me. It’s in this beautiful old heritage building in the city, only about 5mins walk from the bar. I’ll be supporting two directors who run leadership and networking events, a business coaching company and an equities/capital raising enterprise. So I’ll be their PA/Office administrator plus, once I get my head around everything, one of them wants to focus on content creation and writing a blog and they’d get me to help.

So yes, I’m excited about using my skills and feeling like I’m learning and being challenged again. The bar is fun and social but my strengths are admin, organisation and planning. I’ve missed doing those things and I’ve probably compensated by super-charging the organisation of my personal life. Now I could possibly have it all. The job that stretches me, the bar work that’s fun and enough time to get my studies done without being a stressed out mess. And the chance to do more writing. Oh yes, and my nights back to myself. Now I just need to get back to the gym and my cunning plan for world domination will be in full effect.

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