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My first day went well yesterday. I have a huge to do list and lots of things to learn but I feel excited. I went to bed with so many things in my head, which is both a good and a bad thing because it took me awhile to get to sleep. Everyone was lovely and seemed excited to have me. They kept checking in with me to see how I was going. They’re both business coaches so I think that’s kind of their style of working with people. I like it.
Getting dressed in my ‘old’ corporate wear this morning felt a little weird. Even my partner commented on it, “No more converse and little dresses anymore”. I felt like a big kid going off to school and it reminded me of the first time I felt like an adult back when I was about 22. I’d been living on my own since I was 18/19 but had never really spent much time decorating my place or making sure I had food in the house. I had the bare essentials furniture-wise and pretty much always ate out or ordered in. What food I did have in the house was not what you’d call nutritious or healthy, by any stretch of the imagination. But that all changed once I moved into a building called Republic 2.
It was a beautiful loft apartment in a well managed building with a pool, gym, steam room and sauna. I had a personal trainer that would come and see me in the gym. I had a day job for part of the time I was there (even though I was still stripping to supplement my income) and, for some reason, I decided that I felt settled. I bought a big corkboard and stuck photos all over it. I set up a home office so I could look organised (I didn’t do any work there, I basically just got my tax in order). I bought a dining table and chairs and various bits and pieces from eBay. And the piece de resistance? I started buying my groceries online and getting flowers for the dining table.
“Yes,” I thought. “This is adulting.”
And I suppose it was. Having a ‘home’ made me cook a bit more. Another person in the building had a pug who went with a dog walker a few days a week so I started sending Oscar along. He would wait by the door on the days he knew she was coming for him, he was that excited. I felt like I’d gotten my life in order somehow. I still went out and did stupid shit but at least I came home to a nice house where I felt comfortable and accomplished.
I kind of feel the same way now, as if I’ve gotten my life out of disarray. As if things are coming together somehow. It’s only day two but I’m feeling positive. I’m sure my life will still get itself into a bit of a tangle from time to time but at least this one extra thing is now under control and I don’t have to worry about it.
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