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Before my hangover struck (again, second week in a row. Will I never learn?), I’d been thinking how happy I am, with my relationship, my work, my life in general. Despite a few cobwebs lingering from the weekend’s festivities, I’m feeling much better about the world. A hangover can do terrible things to your mind (or, at least, it does to mine).

I’m feeling very positive and excited. While I still have a work to do list as long as my forearm and often feel slightly panicked about how much I have to do and learn, I feel like I’m supported enough to get through it. The people I work with are great (so far but I can’t see that changing) and I’m excited to look back on this period in a few months and see how far I’ve come.

My brain has kicked into gear, which unfortunately seems to mean that I’m waking up at strange hours with odd imperatives to ask this question or add this item to my to do list. And you know what? Even that’s a plus, nothing can get me down. It means I’m learning and being challenged and my brain is sifting through all the new data is has to process and making sense of it all. God knows there’s plenty of it. I need half an hour at the end of every day just to redo my to do list to make sure I haven’t forgotten any of the day’s scribbles on post-its or random pieces of paper. It’s much more organised than it sounds, I promise.

There’s just one thing missing: me getting my ass to the motherfucking GYM! To be honest, I’m a bit scared. I haven’t been in so long so I know it’s going to hurt… a lot. I think I will broach the idea of a later start time at work so I can have more time in the mornings. One of my bosses mentioned it and I thought about it over the weekend and think it’s a good idea. So we’ll see… But things are definitely looking up.

Image credit: Boho Gems