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This is the last week of my third study period (there are four study periods per academic year) and I’m putting the finishing touches on my final assignments. We go away for the weekend so this week’s goal has been to get as much done as possible so I can have the weekend off and just come back on Sunday, tweak and submit,

My Writing Humour unit requires 2500 – 3000 words of ‘humorous writing’, whatever that is. I’ve written four pieces to get to the word count and am just in the process of online workshopping them in my student group then I’ll make the final tweaks and submit on Sunday. My other unit requires a 100 word blurb (for an imaginary book), a 400 word blog post about a topic of my choice and a 400 review about whatever I please. This is also close to completion and due to be submitted on Sunday. And then… done!

Until Monday, when study period four starts and this one promises to be a doozy. News and Politics and Media Law. Wow. Never have five words made me feel so bored yet so stressed. Media Law has an actual exam, which is something new for me (since I left high school anyways). All my other units have only required written assignments that you submit online. There have been a few online quizzes and tests but nothing where I’ve been required to go to an examination centre. I’m a bit nervous.

And you know the funniest thing about next study period? These two new units are electives. Which means I’m choosing to do them. I’m putting myself through this. Willingly. When I was deciding what subjects I wanted to do and considering what I might to do with myself when I’m finished studying, I thought having some journalism studies under my belt might help me in the job hunting process. Sadly, these are the prerequisite units I have to do if I want to get to the more interesting journalism studies. It all feeds into a total of six units I want to complete so I can’t really get out of them unless I totally reassess my direction.

*Sigh* Oh well, it’s only 13 weeks. I’m actually kind of interested in the whole media law things, it’s mostly just the exam that’s got me worried. New and Politics has two assignments where I have to interview at least three people and then write a news article so that’s also a bit concerning. Last time I had to write an articles, I interviewed soooo many people because I couldn’t decide what angle to take, then changed my angle and had to interview more people then left barely enough time to get the article done. Sooooo stressful. I think I got a Credit for that article, which the overachiever in me was unhappy with.

Thankfully, this time around, the articles are only 300 words long but part of me feels like they might be harder to write because you have to be so careful with your words. Oh well, at least it will mean less research is required. I think the feature article I wrote was 2000 words or something so I have to do a shitload of research. *Sigh again* It’s only 13 weeks. It’s only 13 weeks. Next study period isn’t looking that hot either though. *Siiiiigggggghhhhhhh*

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