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I’ve never worked part time and it’s a tricky beast. I’m supposed to work 25hrs a week (roughly 10am – 4pm-ish) but at the moment I’m regularly putting in between 2 and 5 hours a week extra. I’m getting paid for those hours but that’s not the point. I cut back to part time so I’d have more time for my studies but somehow I still feel just as stressed. Especially after pulling together my new study planner – holy shit, I’m scared.

Now I’m pretty sure my hours will drop over the coming months. It’s just that I’m learning now so tasks are taking me longer and I need to fix things and bring them up to date (e.g. the accounts and the systems they use in the office) so that’s taking up a fair bit of my time. I’ve never done accounts before and my boss’ stuff is so complicated (lots of transfers and inter-entity invoicing) and so far behind that my brain hurts trying to figure it all out. I know I’ll get there but right now… phew. It’s tough. Lucky he’s very patient and not expecting me to know it all.

So I finish work, get home and spend the remaining time I have on my uni work. I don’t start work til 10am so I try and get my blogging done before then but that doesn’t always happen (as you can attest to). A few weeks ago, my boss suggested that I start later and I thought about it and I think I’d like to start at maybe 12pm and finish at 6pm-ish. I just need to float the idea with my other boss but getting them both in the same room is tricky.

If I start at midday, who knows, I might even get to the gym?! Stranger things have happened. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, they have to say yes first. And then of course there’s all the social stuff I want to do. I only work one night at the bar now so, in theory, I have six nights a week free. NOPE! I need to save some of those nights for uni work. Plus we don’t have a free Saturday until Sat 10 October. Totally booked up.

So yeah, time management is a hell of a thing right now. I feel like I’m always saying, “When I have this, then my life will be complete.” Like when I had a day job, I was suddenly going to have all this free time. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. I need to make the time for whatever it is I think’s important. What I’m trying to do is not rocket science, I just need to micro-manage the shit out of what little time I have left. So does that mean no more Netflix? God, I hope not.

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