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I came home last night in a massive panic. My uni text book hadn’t arrived (multiple fuck ups on the part of Toll delivery – angry phone call placed today). I had so much uni work to do. The later start time thing at work was a no go (at least for the next few months while I’m learning). I was feeling the stress of it all and not quite handling it. I got home, went on a rant about Toll delivery, sat in the bedroom on my own in the dark and then promptly took a shower (it calms me down).

My last post was all about time management and being productive so it will probably come as a huge shock that, after my shower, I sat in the bath for ages with my partner and then proceeded to watch hours and hours of Vikings. No uni work accomplished whatsoever. So much for priorities and stress and oh I don’t know being an adult.

It’s kind of the same way everywhere else in my life. I subscribe to a lot of blogs and get emails of any new posts direct to my inbox. I’ve gotten so far behind with my reading that up to a few days ago I had 200+ emails, 90% of which were blog posts I hadn’t gotten around to. I’ve since whittled that number down to 44 mainly by reading everything on the bus or on my lunch break. If you really want to do something, you make time for it, right?

By that logic, I clearly don’t want to do my uni work but can you blame me? Vikings and blogs are so much more interesting. Watching Ragnar menace people with his mischievous eyes and half-smile is infinitely more entertaining than online discussion boards and uni text books (not that I have one of those just yet – thanks for nothing, Toll). I have mastered the art of procrastination followed by intense panic and self loathing.

When will I learn to delay gratification? I fear never.

Image credit: Iron Horse Helmets