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I think the meaning of life, our purpose for being here, is to be happy. Everyone should be free to do what makes them happy, so long as what makes them happy doesn’t hurt anyone else. Sometimes this is unavoidable and, if that’s the case, just do your best to make it as un-terrible as possible, that’s all anyone can ask. Generally speaking, we’re better people when we’re doing things that make us happy. That happiness then gets spread around like the good flu, the flu that everyone wants to get, if such a thing even existed, and *cue uplifting music* the world is a better place. Ta-daaaa!

I could qualify my statement by saying ‘as long as it’s not against the law’ but I don’t think the law should necessarily be the decider. In some countries being gay is wrong, so fuck the law. In many countries doing drugs is wrong, which I happen to think is outdated, so as long as you’re not hurting anyone (or yourself, e.g. addiction) you should be free to do whatever intoxicants you please (in moderation).

My happiness comes from many things in my life:

  • My relationship with my partner, my friends, my sister, my mum and, yes, my dogs
  • I love summer days spent laying in the sun getting brown
  • I love champagne (the expensive stuff, life is too short for sparkling)
  • I love good food and red wine and decadent cheese plates
  • I love brunch when the phones are away and the chat is good
  • I love late nights and early mornings spent dancing and having deep discussions that I probably won’t remember the next day
  • I love a good book or a night on the couch watching TV with my partner and our dogs
  • I love people watching: a well dressed man, a beautiful woman who knows her worth, a teenage couple on the bus, an elderly couple holding hands, a tanned girl with fantastic breasts in a smoking hot bikini on the beach at the height of summer (very specific there I know… I suppose I can expand it to a girl with great breasts full stop), kids playing with their dogs/puppies (OK, I lied about the kids bit)
  • I love having a job that challenges me and keeps me busy and people I enjoy working with
  • I love studying when I feel like I’m being creative or learning something that I can see a purpose for down the track. 

These are the things that make me happy and give my life meaning. If one of them no longer made me happy, I would excise it from my life, as I did last year with a job I no longer enjoyed. And yes, it may have been a long and difficult road to get back to being fully happy again job-wise, but it was a decision that did improve my life in the immediate.

We’re here for such a short time, it makes no sense to keep doing things that no longer fulfil you. Find people that make you happy. Do things that make you smile. Think thoughts that make you hopeful about life. Everything else can get the fuck out.

Image credit: Indulgy