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I love that feeling you get when you know summer is just around the corner. We’ve had a pretty mild winter, truth be told, but still the commencement of summer is always greatly anticipated.

I hate winter. I hate the extra clothes. I hate the cold. I hate the extended darkness. None of these are conducive to making me want to accomplish anything of merit. But summer… now that’s a different story. I feel reborn. I want to do stuff. I want to get outside, get brown, get fit. I want to luxuriate in the sun’s glorious rays. And now that I can feel it warming the air, my excitement levels are through the roof. Hell, I might even spend this weekend at the beach! It’s meant to be 25 and sunny all weekend – that sounds beach-worthy to me.

Personally, summer is my time to shine. Being an olive skinned person, I go a dull yellow in winter and my skin gets really dry. I pretty much have to soak myself in macadamia oil and exfoliate like a motherfucker to get my skin looking any kind of decent. But summer… oh boy. I get brown and delicious and my skin steps into its own.

Brown skin is meant for the sun. That’s why we have all that melanin. It’s a damn shame to have it stuck in cold weather but such is life. All we can do is stick out the winter and then wait for our time to shove our special kind of brownness in everyone’s faces. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like I’m on some supremacist kick here but brown skin does have its advantages in summer. I don’t have a single Caucasian friend that can match me when I’ve spent a comparable amount of time in the sun.  

Can you tell I’m excited for some proper sunshine? I’ve had a taste here and there on days where I’ve sat outside on my lunch break or taken the dogs to the park or sat on the grass at Bondi beach. There have been definite tastes of winter sunshine but nothing compares to that raw heat you get in the summer months and Australia has an AH-mazing summer. I would honestly question any holiday between say Oct/Nov and Jan because Sydney is such an amazing place to be when summer hits.

Things I’m looking forward to: tanning, ciders and champagne at the beach, tanning and oh yeah tanning. I know, I know, it’s not good for your skin but I use sun screen and frankly I enjoy being brown too much to really care. Foolish? Perhaps. But I don’t plan on being some well-preserved elderly person. I want to look lived in (although, I say that now…)

Image credit: BuzzQuotes