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In many ways, my life is pretty awesome right now. I’m six weeks into my new job and I’m loving it. I’m challenged. I’m feeling like I’m starting to get a little bit awesome. Not hugely awesome, but soon… soon. The people I work with are honestly so nice. I know it’s early days still but things are going well for the moment at least.

I did trial classes at two new gyms, one on Friday, the other this morning. I’ll decide which one I want to sign up to over the weekend and get stuck into it next week. I figure I’ll be able to manage my time better if I’m training first thing in the morning or evening at a place closer to home, rather than lugging all my stuff into the city and then having to push my hours out to compensate for the longer lunch break. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. You can always find an excuse not to go to the gym, right? I can anyways. Been doing it for months now.

But, as luck would have it, you can never have all the pieces of your life in harmony; there’s always one little fucker on the outside thumbing his nose at everyone else living peacefully. And, at this moment, that fucker is uni. I’m really struggling this study period. It’s never been this hard for me. Sure, the first week or two is usually a bit of a foot finding exercise but it’s the end of week three and I’m still panicked. I’m seriously contemplating dropping one unit just to give myself space to breath.

I’ve managed to concoct this plan in the nick of time as well because Monday is the cut off date for withdrawing without facing any penalties (aside from a $50 admin fee). If I resign before then, I have no academic penalties and a full refund of my course fees. I can continue on with my other unit as if nothing happened. The catch? I’ve carefully mapped out all of my units until the end of the year so dropping one now means I won’t be able to do one of the others that relies on this period’s units as a prerequisite. So I have some thinking to do.

I need to re-look at all of my units and see what I really want to do. A lot could’ve changed since the start of the year when I originally planned them all out. I need to see the connectivity between the later units, what units would need to be pushed back if I don’t get the mandatory ones done. It also means that I’ll finish in February 2017, instead of November 2016. And that’s if I’m able to do all of the remaining units at full time, instead of part time. Completing the rest of my degree at part time would push my end date out until Feb 2018. Although no one’s suggesting such drastic measures just yet.

Do I care about the push from 2016 to 2017? Right now, I’m not sure. I just want to be able to breathe and not feel panicked and stressed and this seems like the best option. Or I could suck it up and see how I go; I might scrape through with both units. But I know me and I know I won’t be happy with a pass. I’m working at a consistent Distinction average here and I don’t want to fuck that up now just because I want to finish three months earlier than I would if I dropped a unit. I don’t want to be a quitter but maybe taking the time to do it right and not be stressed is the right thing to do.

Ahhh WordPress… you’re such a good listener. I shall ponder my options over the weekend and report back.

Image credit: Gloria Marie