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For someone who now has an incredible amount of free time thanks to ditching uni for the summer, I’m doing a terrible job of managing my time. Too much socialising not enough blogging or exercising or anything except the inevitable vicious cycle of drinking and hangovers. When will I learn? Probably never, let’s be real here. It’s too much fun. Or at least the drinking part is fun, the hangover part less so.

And yet, it doesn’t stop me. Why? For some of us, alcohol and, yes I’ll admit it, drugs are so much fun that we’re willing to put up with the terrible, terrible consequences they can exact on us. The depression, the headaches, the ‘oh god, what did I do last night?’ feeling. In my case, I wake up with insane bruises and no recollection of where they came from. Did someone cane me over the shins for the entire course of the night? Did I spend the night grovelling on my knees? Did I just knock into a seemingly endless series of shin-high coffee tables and chairs? Who knows? Plus my arms and butt are bruised as well… so… go figure. It’s a constant mystery. I’ve had tests so it’s not any kind of ‘condition’ as far as I can tell.

And yet, I carry on. It’s always fun at the time. It’s social. Have a drink here, a shot there, get swept up in the moment and, next thing you know, things are out of control and it’s five in the morning. I often think to myself that I don’t have an off switch. But I do. I can go and have dinner and cut off my wine consumption at a reasonable point but… every now and again this just doesn’t seem like an a viable option. I want FUN! And excitement! And to not go home at a reasonable hour. Hell, to not go home at all.

If only there were no consequences. If only there was no corresponding down to my up. Wouldn’t that be great? Surely someone should be working on a cure for that shit? People would pay SOOO much money to not be hungover. I know I would. And yes, I know it would encourage all could of irresponsible behaviour but since when does capitalism give a shit about that kind of stuff? Will it make money? Will there be demand? Will people beat down my door to get their greedy little pig fingers on my sweet, sweet product? Then yes, we shall make it and it shall be great. Someone please get onto this. You have one very willing and eager customer right here and I’m sure I have many friends I can refer you to.

Image credit: Louise Moroses | Pinterest