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For someone who’s ditched one of the most time consuming things in their life (uni), I still seem to feel very low on time. Granted, we do a lot of social stuff, which can sometimes take its toll often in the form of hangovers, but still there really is no excuse for me to feel so time poor.

This week the bus routes changed and things have been unpredictable to say the least. Some buses have been super late, others haven’t even bothered to show up. I have an app that lets you track them so I know for sure when something’s not quite right with the bus world. Being in a constant rush is never fun. I hate being late for work and, while Monday was a public holiday, Tuesday and Wednesday were total write-offs on that front. Buses didn’t show. Buses that were meant to get me there with time to spare didn’t. Aaargh! It’s such a shit way to start the day.

But today, things panned out a little better for me. I managed to get an earlier bus and then switched to the train to allow myself even more time to get in. Instead of rushing to cross the street before the little green man had popped up, I waited patiently at the lights. Instead of barrelling up and down the escalators, I stood and waited for the escalator to do its job. Instead of rushing, rushing, rushing, I strolled at my leisure. Sure, the extra exercise could have been helpful but fuck it! I felt entitled to a little non-hurry in my life. I love that feeling of knowing that, even if you take your time, you’re still going to get there at the appointed hour. Maybe even ahead of schedule.

Something else you can appreciate more when you’re not rushed is the world around you. Sadly, the weather has turned from glorious heat and sunshine over the weekend to cold, drizzly and windy from Tuesday onwards so there really hasn’t been that much to appreciate. Still, when I walked down the laneway to our house after work tonight, I noticed that the sky felt heavy and present and the air smelt like rain. I love that just rained smell (when you’ve personally managed to miss the rain). Little things like that don’t register when you’re stressed and on a mission to get somewhere.

Now that I (supposedly) have less to worry about, I want to be able to notice the little things that make life that little bit more interesting and enjoyable. If I can’t manage that when I’m study free, then what the hell is the point?