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I’ve been to the gym two days in a row now and I feel so much better. I’m one of those people who struggles to get out of bed any earlier than I absolutely have to so getting up for the gym is a hard sell. And when I tell myself I’m going to go and then snooze straight through it, well… Let’s just say I’m mighty unkind to myself for the rest of the day.

On top of that, my new gym requires that you use an app to book yourself in for classes. I have an unlimited membership so it doesn’t really matter how many sessions I book in for, it’s more about letting them know I’m coming so they can plan my workout. Sadly, they can also see when I’ve cancelled. So you’re already feeling lazy and now other people know how lazy you are as well.

However, after yesterday’s session, I felt so energetic and productive and just generally happy. I worked my way through my to do list, took stock of my day and got everything it was possible to do done. All because I felt like I’d already achieved something before work. And, with that in mind, it was much easier to roll out of bed and mosey on down to the gym for the second day in a row. I barely even considered a snooze (ok, maybe a teensy one). I felt the pull of those sweet, sweet endorphins and I was hooked (if two days in a row classifies as ‘hooked’).

Now anyone that’s been reading this blog for a decent amount of time will know how poorly I do at staying committed to anything. But hopefully I’ll show some fucking perseverance on this count as I’ve made it as easy as humanly possible for me to get to the gym.
  • The gym is literally 5mins walk from my house
  • They have classes in the morning AND evening
  • I can even go and work out on my own without a class (ok, let’s be realistic, this isn’t going to happen)
  • And they follow me up when I cancel or don’t book at all (the deciding factor when picking a gym).

My partner has even said he might come along once we’ve gotten through Tough Mudder and he’s ready to cut back on seeing his personal trainer, which is quite expensive. If that doesn’t get me over the line, well I may as well just give up. And it’s not like I haven’t been fit before! I must just be older and lazier. Yep, sounds about right.

Image credit: LiveLifeActive