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My partner has three tattoos done by this amazing artist, Jimi May, who’s been overseas for the last few months. He’s due to come back quite soon so Jared’s already contemplating his next tattoo.

I have three small tattoos, nothing fancy like Jared’s. Just a small red pentagram on the back of my neck and one Chinese symbol on each wrist, the word “Master” on my right hand and “Slave” on my left. All of these tattoos were done in my very early 20s, pretty much on a whim. The ‘slave’ one causes me some grief from time to time with people asking questions but otherwise I’m pretty OK with them. I’ve always wanted more but never had a clue what I wanted.

Of late, I’ve been leaning more towards maybe a retro pin-up girl, something like the three images below. Yes, I know these images objectify women and can perpetuate some very old and harmful stereotypes but I love them just the same. The women are so feminine and cheeky and I love the female form. It’s beautiful and it deserves to be celebrated.


I’ve been on a bit of a girl power kick of late and, while doing a random Google image search, I came across the below and something clicked.

Photo 15-10-2015, 9 39 53 AM

I like the toughness of the girl above. She’s pretty but she’s not to be fucked with. I think I’d want her to be brown skinned and bi-racial-looking, like me, with dark curly hair. I’m still umming and ahhing about whether I want it like it is above or with her full body included.

And then of course there’s the question of where to put it. I’m thinking maybe on my back up near my shoulder but other people have argued that something so strong and statement-y (not a word but it’ll do) should be in a more prominent position, maybe on my upper arm or forearm. But I’m not sure I want it that visible or whether I would even have enough space to get the detail I want on my arms. I have tiny little arms so I have to keep that in mind.

Anyway, it’s exciting to at least have an idea in mind finally. The next step is to get some time with Jimi, show him my ideas and get his thoughts. He’s an pretty talented artist so I don’t think I need to spend too much time stressing about the design and placement. He’ll help guide me based on what I want and where it’ll work.

Image credits: Janice Wiess | Pinterest (first three images) and Chic Galleria (final image)