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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re rushing through the world so fast you can almost hear the swoosh as the air parts around you? Your thoughts babble over one another, ideas of what to do next and next and next. Grand plans are formulated for things you never thought possible. Your energy is boundless and your heart is filled with joy and hope and anything in the whole wide world is possible.

And then it fades. As swiftly as the feeling comes, it’s gone. The air thickens, coagulating around you like a throbbing wound trying to holding you in place. Every step is a battle won against the universe itself. Your thoughts go silent. Now you only think in single words like “sleep”, “eat”, breathe”. Nothing is possible and everything, everyone is an enemy, bent on your destruction. Go back to bed, you say. It’ll be over soon.

And sure enough, after what seems like years but is really only days, it passes. You’re back to helpful, swooshing air and an all conquering spirit. Sometimes you’re in the middle, coasting, waiting for the rise or fall that’s sure to come. The never ending cycle is the only thing that’s certain.

Image credit: Jessica Harris | Pinterest