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I found the above text on the side of a fridge in a chemist. It made me think that ‘they’ say, if you want to be a writer, you need to pay attention to your surroundings so you can be inspired. But how does that play with someone like me who spends all day with her head in the clouds?
I’d describe myself as ‘generally not very observant’. I’ll go weeks without noticing a local business has changed or an awning has broken off downstairs. Yet other things interest me very much; strange things like the back of a stranger’s head or what they’re reading (especially if it’s not the type of thing you’d expect – yes, I love to make snap judgements). I’m fascinated by things like the postal system or the life of prawns or the way the jacaranda flowers blanket the streets and turn into a magnificent purple sludge.
Yet, I often find myself pondering more… I hesitate to say intellectual things because really it’s just more thought-based stuff. I write about what I feel, rather than what I see. Which is weird because, in real life, I don’t tend to voice this stuff too much (unless there’s alcohol and/or drugs and/or D&Ms involved). I’m more about discussing happenings and social issues and oh my god how hot is that chick?
It’s like my writing allows me to express all the things floating around in my head that I might not usually be comfortable saying (until I’ve written it and then it’s OK). So while I might not be the typical ‘oh look at the sunset! I must write about the colours immediately’ kind of writer, I do ponder and observe things in my own way.
Don’t get me wrong, I still get inspired by the the occasional red wine glass in a window or lone egg yolk in a bowl (in draft mode) but the vast majority of the time it’s brain stuff for me. I’m observant… just in a different way. In a living in a bubble kind of way.