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WordPress tells me my last post was 14 days ago and who am I to question that? Someone whose been remiss in my writing duties, that’s who. Even writing this now, I feel rusty and out of practice. The words don’t flow as easily as they once did. I’ll get back there though, I just have to apply myself.

It’s kind of a thing in life, isn’t it? The need to apply oneself. You need it for everything: work, friendships, hobbies, the gym. You name it, you’re probably doing it wrong if you aren’t applying yourself. And, if I’m totally honest, the only thing I’ve been applying myself to lately is partying and being hungover. These two things I’m applying myself to like a motherfucker.

But it has to stop (or at least tone down a little) because I’m GETTING MARRIED! Yep, you heard it right. On the 6th of December, Jared’s 30th birthday, he proposed to me in front of 30-odd of our closest friends and family while on a massive boat in Sydney Harbour. Words that I would use to describe the experience might be:

  • Amazing
  • Epic
  • Emotional.

It was a total surprise. I thought it might be coming soon but I didn’t think it would happen so publicly. Everyone was so excited. There were many tears shed (mine were done in the privacy of one of the downstairs bedrooms while waiting for Jared to join me so we could call my mum). The birthday party turned engagement party lasted way into the night and morning (and well past when it should have really).

Here’s a photo from just after I said yes. And yes, I am topless. I generally tend to be that way as much as possible.

Photo 7-12-2015, 7 36 23 PM

Anyways, never fear, I’m not hanging up my partying Louboutins. I must simply refrain from excessive madness as I need to apply myself to planning a goddamn wedding, the party I was born to organise, and being hungover is not going to accomplish that anytime soon. All that accomplishes is a day on the couch watching Netflix with none of the chill – or all of the chill, depending on how you look at it.

The little organising automaton in me is super-excited. I have a Pinterest board with pictures of stuff I like. A friend set up another board to post ideas for dresses. I have a spreadsheet with worksheets for the invite list, the venue shortlist I’m pulling together and the split of friends for our hens/bucks (although I’m told I’m not allowed to plan that, damn them). This is something I can well and truly apply myself to, no problems there.