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This is my 300th post. I was hoping to somehow make it as epic as its “This is Sparta!” namesake but I really can’t see that happening unless I decide to lose my shit and fight an air stewardess. Is that what they call themselves now? I don’t even know. 

Yes, you guessed it, I’m trapped on a plane. We’re supposed to be flying to Uluru today – my surprise 30th birthday present to my partner. Instead, we’re sitting on a stationary plane waiting to take off or change planes or maybe give up altogether. Who knows? The waiting game is so much fun, I hope it never ends. 

The upside is that we both have stuff to read and phone access so at least we’re not stranded in a limbo land of no communication or entertainment. Look at me, I’m all about the silver linings. I do wish things were going more smoothly thought but what can I do? Sometimes you have to admit you have no control over your situation and just ride it out with as good grace as you can muster. Right now my grace is pretty good. Can’t say it will remain that way indefinitely. 


News from the front: turns out we’re switching planes. This one’s a dud. And so now I sit here back in the airport at the same lounge I departed from… Waiting. Waiting. My partner bought a book. And a coffee. We both got pastries. Fuck it, we’re on holidays. We’ll get fit for our wedding later, when things are less dire. 

On a separate but definitely related note, we’ve been having some unseasonably cold and rainy weather of late. This was the view from the plane window not so long ago: 

The weather in Uluru is meant to be 40 degrees Celsius and sunny the whole time we’re there. Maybe some thunderstorms but I’d imagine they’d be amazing to watch where we’re going. Which is here: 

Longitude 131. Boss tent/huts in the red centre for three nights (if we ever get there). I’m so excited. I’ve organised a helicopter flight over Uluru, the Olgas and Lake Amadeus plus a private dinner on top of a dune (sounds romantic but not sure how practical it will be). Also, I was able to keep it a complete surprise, which, at this point, is almost as good as the trip itself. I thought I’d definitely slip up and give the game away at some point. Turns out I’m an excellent secret keeper. Another skill to add to my ever growing bow of skillsets.

So, while post #300 may not have quite the action and drama I was hoping for, there’s still the excitement of air travel and the promise of adventure and beautiful landscapes and time basking in the sun by a pool in the middle of the fucking desert in the middle of fucking Australia. There may not be blood but there will be photos. Oh yes, there will be photos. 

Image credit: Longitude 131