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I’m definitely feeling a bit out of practice with my writing, thanks to my sporadic posting on here. The words don’t flow as easily as they did before although it gets better once I’m on a roll. The ideas also don’t come as easily. When I was writing more frequently, I’d always have brainwaves about what to post about next. The notes app on my phone and WordPress’ draft section would be filled with quick jottings of ideas that had come to me throughout the day. I want to get back to that soon.

On a separate note, this is my last week of summer leave. I go back to work on Monday and, while it would be nice to be on permanent paid holiday, I’m actually not feeling too bad about going back to work. Not quite ecstatic about it but not dreading it either. I know I’ll be busy and have plenty to do so I’m looking forward to being properly productive again.

At the start of my break, I said I wanted to do a whole bunch of things – more gym, more reading and writing, plan my uni subjects for this year, plan our wedding and pick out photos for our photo board. I’ve achieved a decent amount and I still have a few days left – although we may as well write off the gym from now. I’ll get my ass in there on Monday (maybe).

  • The wedding is coming along nicely. We have a tentative date (15 Oct). We’re flying up to see our preferred venue next Saturday. I’ve created a website in lieu of hard copy invites and we’ll send out a text linking to the site once we have all the details locked in. Who needs paper invites in this day and age? That ~$1000 can go towards alcohol, which is much more important. Also, I hope to have my wedding dress picked out this month; I refuse to let that particular element drag further into the year. Once we have the venue and dress sorted, we can start thinking colours, decorations, etc.
  • I’ve picked all the photos for the photo board. We just need to decide which ones we actually want to use, whether they’ll go on the board or in frames, choose sizes, etc. and then get them printed
  • I still have time to think about my uni subjects
  • Am slowly getting through my current book – A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James
  • Am working on the writing bit right now!

Overall, I’m feeling positive about everything. Nothing is stressing me out. Summer is still here and trying on all these white wedding dresses (still undecided if I will actually wear a white dress) is making me appreciate all the “hard work” I’ve put into my tan. I’m gloriously brown and, even if it does seem like it’s going to rain for the next few days, I always have my Fridays free for some tan touch up time. That being said the next three Friday afternoons and one Saturday are going to be spent trying on more wedding dresses but oh well… What can you do?
Image credit: Wish New Year 2016