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My uni-free summer is slowly drawing to a close and I know this because, in what has been a riveting night of entertainment, I just spent the last 2 – 3 hours going through my “short” list of 50+ units trying to decide what I want to study come March. The amount of time actually had more to do with our terrible fucking internet connection than my indecisiveness but that didn’t make it any less of a time consuming process. In fact, it made it more frustrating.

The good news is that I’ve decided on the units for my first study period and, depending on how I manage full time study with the part time work and no doubt soon to be incessant wedding planning, I’ll see if I just do one unit or two the following study period. The good thing about this course is that, after enrolment, I still have a few weeks to decide if I want to continue with a subject without getting penalised. So, if things are getting gnarly with the two units, I can drop one and cruise off into the part time study sunset. Kind of like what I did last year, except it was no study at all, which has been most excellent.

Having the past six months off from lectures, assignments, uni readings and study load stress has really helped me focus on what I want to do. I’ve totally rejigged my electives so I’ll be doing more creative writing stuff plus hopefully a whole bunch of units around gender and women’s studies, body image and maybe a little sociology. We’ll see how it pans out. I’m actually excited to get back into it but I’m sure that will fade when I get the unit outline and see what I’m actually in for. It always starts with excitement, which quickly morphs into a vague to acute panic for the first few weeks, depending on the subject, and then things kind of plateau and I get the hang of everything.

I’m not looking forward to giving up all my free time, that’s for damn sure. But I figure Jared will be working his ass off for most of this year, what with all of the shit going on with his bar empire, so I may as well put my head down and bang out my degree. Sacrifice now to gain later or whatever it is they say. Although, I’ve always been one for immediate gratification; the long game was never my thing. I always want the fun and/or yummy stuff now – long term goals be damned! Maybe I’ll change it up on myself this year. Try a different approach. See if I can actually achieve something.


Image credit: Love This Pic