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Today we’re flying up to Cairns then driving two hours to Mission Beach to check out our favourite potential wedding venue. Strike that, it’s the only potential venue as I’ve disqualified the others I was considering. Hopefully, it’s beautiful and everything stacks up because going back to the drawing board would be considerably annoying. 

We have a very definite idea of what we want from a venue and from our wedding as a whole:

  • We want the ceremony, reception and accomodation to be all in the one place – no travelling between venues, if possible 
  • We want everyone to be able to stay on site or, failing this, at least the bridal party
  • We want the bridal party photos taken before the ceremony so people don’t have to wait around for hours while they get done 
  • We want the ceremony to be quick and painless – probably in the early afternoon
  • We want food to be served ASAP afterwards, preferably a buffet style so people can just grab what they want when they want it and not wait ages for a however-many-course dinner to be brought out and cleared away, brought out and  cleared away, etc.
  • Haven’t decided whether we’ll have a cake (or a croquembouche!) or just a normal dessert (croquembouche! croquembouche!)
  • Speeches and formalities over quickly
  • Dancing and fun begins. 

The fact we want to fit as many people as possible on site is what makes the venue tricky. If we can’t have everyone on site, I’d settle for just the bridal party but this number had swelled to 15 pax including people’s partners, which makes things tricky if we want everyone in the one house (which would be ideal). Ah well, if this place doesn’t work out, we’ll just have to compromise or I’ll look a bit harder. It can’t be the only venue that fits the bill. 
The good thing about this place is it would be all ours. It only does exclusive hire so we don’t have to share the resort with anyone else. The rooms look nice, it has a boss pool and is right on the beach and the food and beverage packages/offerings are very well priced. They’ve planned a mini-bridal expo for the weekend so we’ll get to meet the suppliers and try the food, wine, cakes, etc. all while having a mini-holiday in the tropics. The weather is meant to be glorious too so I’m optimistic that I might be able to work on my tan. 

On a separate but still wedding related note, I’m seeing my shortlist of dresses next Friday and Saturday. I spent some time reviewing what I’ve seen so far and trying to decide if I really want to go the whole gown experience. I’m still not sure but I hope seeing all my favourites back to back over two days will help me decide. I have about nine dresses to consider across five shops and I had another shop recommended to me that I’m waiting to hear back from. 

Here are some pictures of a non-shortlisted dress I tried on yesterday. Obviously it’s too big, everything has been. I’m coming to understand that, when you’re as small as me, imagination plays a large role in wedding dress shopping.    

On the engagement ring front, I have a beautiful diamond that I now need to turn into a ring at some point. I was considering a necklace but, in the end, decided to do something traditional. Last week, I was on the way home from a bridal appointment and happened to walk past a bespoke, antique style jewellery store. I had my first appointment with the jeweller yesterday and she loves my ideas and is going to get back to me with some quotes. I also found another amazing jeweller on Instagram although she’s in San Francisco. Apparently, she does custom rings and works with lots of international clients. I’ll make contact with her today and see what she has to say. 

I was actually feeling a bit crestfallen about the ring situation ever since I took my ideas to the guy Jared bought the ring off and he said they couldn’t be done. I didn’t really know where to start to see if anyone else could do them so walking past that jewellery story was a fantastic strike of luck and then finding that Instagram page (it was tagged in a post by another page I follow) has put me back in a hopeful frame of mind about the ring. 

Some of my ideas:    

All in all, things are coming along nicely. I’ll do a post about the  venue tomorrow when I have some pics to show. 

Image credits: Brittany Gray, Heidi Gibson IG and Want That Wedding