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  • Venue – check
  • Wedding website – check
  • Text invites linking to wedding website – check
  • Beach house for bridal party to chill for a few days before wedding – check
  • Engagement ring – damn close to check
  • Dress – CHECK!

Tell me I’m awesome. Go on, you know I deserve it. At the very least, I’ve earned a cyber pat on the back. At most, I don’t know, maybe I’m edging close to medal level. Still, I don’t want to get cocky because there’s plenty more to organise but things are cruising along pretty well so far. No Bridezilla in sight… but it’s early days yet. Let’s not tempt fate by celebrating too soon.

Of all the progress I’ve made, I’m most excited that I met my find-my-dress-by-the-end-of-January deadline. I made the decision on Sat 30 January so really I just scraped in although I did try the dress on on Friday 15 January. At the time, I actually preferred another dress but, when I went back on Saturday, things had changed and I preferred the simplicity of this one. I’ve put the deposit down and the chick is off looking into how well the fabric will dye. I’ve decided I’m not going to wear white so simple is definitely best in this case.

Here’s a swatch – not in the actual fabric, more just so you have an idea of the colour:

Photo 2-02-2016, 10 33 56 PM


I have to admit a lot of the decisions I’ve made so far have come down to dumb luck. I found the woman making my engagement ring on the way home from a bridal appointment. I happened to walk past her store and think, ‘This place does bespoke jewellery, maybe she can make my ring.” Turns out she can and she is. The stupid jeweller that Jared got the diamond off was quite adamant that no one does anything like that anymore but he was wrong, wrong, wrong.

The woman doing my wedding dress was also a lucky find. I’d just left an unsuccessful bridal appointment and her store was across the road, a few doors down. She hadn’t shown up at all when I did a Google search for bridal places in my area so I had no idea she existed and I wasn’t sure if I should bother going in because so many places are by appointment only. But she had some nice stuff in the window and the store seemed empty so I thought, “fuck it, it can’t hurt to check”. Cue two weeks later and I have my wedding dress sorted – at least in theory.

I don’t really subscribe to the idea of fate, that it was pre-ordained I would walk past these stores and find what I needed. Luck or coincidence seems a bit more realistic. I especially like the Biscuit of Luck because it combines luck with… well, biscuits. And I do love a good piece of baked sweet dough. Yep. And now I’m hungry.