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This week has been full on with wedding stuff, which I’m actually kind of enjoying, but still, when I sat at the computer last night, I really couldn’t face it. I needed a break. I wouldn’t say it’s stressful (not yet anyways) but it is all consuming.

It’s so easy to get sucked down a never ending Pinterest rabbit hole of bridesmaid dress combinations or rustic table settings or the perfect boho chic hippie bridal crown complete with deer antlers and crystals. I’m not even kidding. A friend tagged me on an Instagram page with that very crown and it was named Khaleesi. I promise you I’m not joking. The first thing that flashed into my head was the chick who gets killed in the first True Detective. Needless to say, I didn’t double tap.

So, when thinking about one more wedding thing got too much, I cast around for other stuff to do. And there was plenty. I researched those pre-packaged food places where you can order your meals online and they arrive fresh or frozen, ready for you to consume. Neither of us have time to cook at the moment so this seemed like the best option. The trick is to find somewhere that doesn’t suck big, sweaty balls but also doesn’t charge you your first born, your soul and $1 million dollars (per week, god knows what you have to pay for the second week of food). End result: I have two sites to show Jared or we can live dangerously and try both.

Sadly, microwave meal shopping didn’t consume quite as much time as I’d hoped so I had to find something else to occupy my time. Our photo board! Yes! It’s been three or four years since we last re-did it plus we’ve had empty photo frames hanging on our dining room wall for a few months now so I figured why the fuck not? I’d already trawled our photo reserves for pics and gotten them printed so surely the hard work was done. Ha. I was wrong.

Getting the giant fucking thing off the wall was hard. Carrying it from the kitchen to the dining room was harder. I got a bit of a break while I unpinned the old photos and sorted the new ones and planning where to place them all seemed like a dream. Leaning over the board to arrange, re-arrange and attach was not terribly fun for my back. But. pinning. the. photos. individually. into. the. cork. board. with. my. thumb. was. true. hell. My thumb actually still hurts. I may have damaged it. It may never be the same again. Is there anyone else out there that’s done grievous bodily harm for the sake of a newly minted photo board? I think not. My dedication is unmatched.

So now, I rest. I’ve truly done enough.

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