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I have come to the sad, sad realisation I have 17 days of freedom until uni time resumes. Oh god. All the books I haven’t read are taunting me this very instant. That’s pretty much the only thing I haven’t gotten around to doing that might be hard to do once I’m back studying. Although… I think I will drop to part time just to make my life a little easier.

Although, for all my complaining, a teeny tiny piece of me is excited to be going back and I think it will make a world of difference being part time. Full time study is INTENSE when you’re working. Even when I was part-time at the bar, it was still full on. Part time work and part time study seems like the first fucking sensible decision I’ve made about my education in a looong time (aside from taking summer off, that was a stroke of goddamn genius).

So here’s to 13 weeks of Creative Writing: Non Fiction followed by another 13 weeks of Writing the Past. That’ll take me up to August and, with the wedding in October, we’ll go from there.

Question for the masses: does part time study + part time work = full time adult? I have my doubts.

Image credit: Amber Lyn @ INK361