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Jared did pretty well on the birthday front. The below is my home for the next three nights. The weather is a bit grey but it’s still warm and we have a giant king bed and our own private heated swimming lagoon (which is surprisingly deep!).

I can’t lie, life is pretty good. I’m currently naked on the couch with a delicious glass of red in hand (well, on the bench near the couch – can’t type and drink at the same time) listening to The Beatles – on vinyl. I’m such a poser, I don’t even recognise myself. Oh wait, I’m nude. It’s still me.

The record player is actually a bit of a highlight. I remember playing Michael Jackson’s Bad and Off The Wall on my mum’s record player and dancing round the room. Ahh the memories. I feel like a little kid again although, if you can believe it, Jared has never used a record player. Apparently, his parents never had one. So, to remedy this situation, we snagged some albums from the main room and have so far listened to Edith Piaf, John Coltrane and now The Beatles. He’s officially hooked on the charm of it all although there’s something to be said for the endless stream of music that is Pandora or Spotify. Getting up to change sides or pick a new album is wearing a little thin (for me, at least).

So, yeah. That’s me for the weekend. My goals are pretty simple:

  • Eat all the food
  • Drink all the wine (and cocktails)
  • Eat all the dessert (yes, it deserves a separate bullet point from food – how dare you suggest otherwise?!?)
  • Wear none of the clothes
  • Maybe do some writing
  • Definitely go skinny dipping in our private pool.