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My holiday is drawing to a close in more ways than one: tonight is our last night at Pretty Beach House plus I start back at uni tomorrow. Did you hear that? It was the world’s biggest sigh.

I went online to see if my study area was open yet (it wasn’t) but I was able to download the unit outline and start mapping out my weekly tasks. Things don’t look too drastic considering I’m only studying part-time so hopefully that means I won’t spiral off into stress-induced depression and panic. Full time work and full time study is definitely not an ideal situation although, if I’d stuck it out, I’d be done by now.

Don’t think about that, Natalie. Don’t think about that, Natalie. 

Ahhh what can you do? I can’t change it now plus those first 15 months of study were fucking insane. I was so stressed and unhappy. Even when I did take time to socialise, I had this bastard voice in the back of my head reminding me what I should be doing, what tasks I still had to do and the proximity of my next assessment. Goddamn, can’t a girl  just have a cheeky bender in peace and without judgement? Apparently not.

But this time it’ll be different, I’m sure of it. Part time study = at least 12hrs per week, which is manageable with my 25hrs at my part-time job and roughly one additional day of admin stuff for Jared’s bar. That’s full time work and part time study on top. I should be OK – hopefully without needing to do too much study stuff on weekends. And maybe, maybe even still have time to read and write and oh I don’t know have a social life.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the next 13 weeks have in store for me.

Image credit: Forever In Mom Genes