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McIver’s Baths, Coogee

I can’t believe I’ve lived in Sydney for fifteen years and never realised there’s a nude beach accessible only to women and children (boys under 13). What the fuck have I been doing all my life?!! Not that I have a problem with co-ed nude beaches yet somehow it just feels right to have an all-female beach where we can get our gear off and revel in our nudity with no male eyes gawking or leering. Also, I can go on my own (as I have today) and not feel the least bit worried that I may have made a grave mistake. 

It’s quite beautiful here. There’s a sea water pool and a few tiny grassed and concrete areas for sunbathing. However, the majority of women (like me) have walked across to the rocks and spread ourselves out there. Everyone is quite un-self conscious and there are literally women of ever shape and size imaginable. I’m amazed by the ease with which I got all my clothes off knowing a main road is just up over the hill. Actually, I’m not surprised at all. I love getting nude plus it’s totally sheltered here so I wouldn’t have to worry even if I wasn’t a not-at-all closeted nudist. 

That being said, not everyone’s naked. Most people are just topless. A decent number of people are still wearing their swimmers and anyone in the pool is required to wear their swimsuit (weird rule but ok). I tried to go in the pool but it was too fucking cold. Some Spanish-speaking tourists were ahead of me having the same conundrum. I went in front of them, dipped my toes in and backed right out with a big “NOPE, too cold”. They agreed and we all had a laugh. Seriously, it was like an ice bath but I suppose it is the ocean so that’ll happen. 

All in all a good choice for something to do with a beautiful sunny day. Usually I would just go to the beach across the road but this has been quite the adventure. Aside from the rat that chased a lizard under a rock next to me and then kept coming back to menace me. That rat was a bit dick but, aside from that, it’s been perfect.