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I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately. Dreams that stick with me for days or even weeks afterwards.

I think it was last week I read about Stephen King’s first book in the The Dark Tower series being adapted for the screen with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey playing Roland and The Man in Black respectively. As a long time Stephen King reader, I was hugely excited and my brain decided to have a little fun by screening Wizard and Glass all night long throughout my sleep. Not sure if anyone’s read this but its mostly a flashback to Roland the Gunslinger’s early years and – surprise! – it doesn’t end well for some people. As is usually the case with anything King writes.

Night before last night I woke up “inspired” by a dream with roots in what I can only assume was the movie Interstellar (which I saw months ago). In the dream, we’d sent someone to recon an alien planet where we thought there might be blue fire. God knows why that was important but, regardless, the person landed and then essentially Face Timed us to say, and I quote, “The flames are purple and the water is cold and has swelled my lips and turned them blue.” And I can quote this exactly because my dream-addled mind woke me up and told me to write this down because it was important. And I did. I typed it in the Notes app on my phone and, now look, at least I’ve found a purpose for it. So that’s good.

Last night, I dreamt – amongst a myriad of other weird and fucked up things – that my pug was no longer a full dog but just a head and yet he somehow got into people’s food and got chilli mayo in his eye. Yes, specifically chilli mayo. He only has one eye (in the dream and in real life) so this was an absolute disaster. I tried to wipe it off (fail) and rinse it out with water (it started fizzing) but it just ended up all bloody and terrible and I was running round trying to find a vet/doctor and – thank god – that’s where I woke up. What the fuck kind of brain does that to itself? I mean really, what the actual fuck??

Needless to say, I didn’t really get much sleep after that one. I don’t know if anyone else has this theory but, when I wake up from bad dreams, I try to stay awake for a little while afterwards because, if I fall back asleep straight away, I’m probably going to pick up right where I  left off, dream-wise. Which is sometimes not ideal. So sometimes I’ll just lay there or sit up in bed until it passes. Other times I need to get out of bed and shake it off a little, go to the bathroom, splash some water on my face or go to the fridge and get a drink. Some dreams you really don’t want to go back to so you have to wait them out. But those fuckers can be patient.

Image credit: Vicky S | Pinterest