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Today we decided to take the dogs to the dog park and, on the way, we stopped at a local coffee and pastry shop. While Jared ordered a very ‘responsible adult’ cheese and tomato open toastie, my eyes immediately lunged for the hot cross buns. Being as I’m not religious, hot cross buns are literally the best thing about Easter (aside from the four day long weekend). It took me all of five seconds to deliberate then decide that yes, yes I do want a hot cross bun and it’s Saturday so I’m damn well was going to have one. Not that it would have stopped me if it was any other day (I had one on Monday as well).

So that was an easy decision and then I saw something even better. Right next to the hot cross buns, as if it was fate, sat a cluster of custard filled cinnamon sugar doughnut things.

“And I’ll have one of those things too. We can ‘share’.”

The woman next to me ordered a plain croissant and a mini almond one smothered in icing sugar and paper-thin slivers of almond. We looked and each other and smiled. Now that’s how you Saturday.

Image credit: Pinterest