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BB-Bridal-Quote.jpgThis may make me sound incredibly vain but I just had to make one of the most difficult decisions in this whole wedding planning adventure I’m on. What’s the decision? The dress? The venue? The ring (yes, also difficult). The shoes (they’re actually a close second). Nope, it’s who to use for my hair and make-up. What a ball ache (if I had balls, that is).

Well, crisis averted. I’ve made a decision but not after many agonising moments spent sourcing quotes then flicking between price lists, websites, portfolios and emails. How do you decide when you’re not going to meet them until your wedding day? I tried to weed people out based on their email communications, their prices, their websites, testimonials, what products they used. The list goes on. I finally got down to a shortlist of three and for every good thing about one person, they was another thing I could rule them out on. Fuck. This Shit.

I wasn’t even sure I wanted hair and make-up but the girls in the bridal party were beyond keen so I got on board. I don’t wear a lot of make-up (aside from lipstick, I LOVE lipstick) but I suppose, if there’s one day you’re going to embrace the “joy” of being totally pampered, it may as well be your wedding day. My one concern is that I usually hate it when people do my make-up. I hate feeling super made up and I’m very particular about my eye make-up, blush, etc. so this has the potential to be quite stressful. But hopefully not.

I’m doing so well with everything so far. I really don’t want to spazz out on my wedding day because my eyebrows look like giant brown caterpillars trying to eat my eyes. Or at least, that’s what they’ll look like to me. Everyone else will think, ‘Finally, someone’s tamed those unruly devil’s brows!’ But screw them, I like my devil’s brows. They give me character. Suuuuuuure…

File 31-03-2016, 9 31 22 PM

Definitely not a glamour shot. 

Wait, what? How did we get here? We were meant to be talking about how beautiful I’m going to be.

Image credit: Everything Bobbi and ME!