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When does your inspiration come to you? While driving? When in the shower? While running or going for a walk? These all sound very nice. Maybe not super convenient if you quickly want to write something down but, all in all, not too terrible. My brain is an asshole. It gives me my “best” ideas right before I go to bed.

Take last night for example. I’d wanted to start on my personal essay assignment for uni but wasn’t feeling inspired about my topic. So instead, I wrote a few posts and, still not feeling inspired, decided to watch some teevee and catch up on my blog reading while eating Nutella straight from the jar (as you can see, I can multi-task like a motherfucker). Midnight rolls around so I take myself off to bed.

Lo and behold, my brain starts spitting out golden wordage for my uni assignment. At midnight. When I need to go to sleep. And it doesn’t stop. It has plenty of ideas that it wants to share with me and, of course, I don’t want to lose them so I quickly type them up in my phone’s notes. But seriously though, it had hours and hours after I got home to come up with this shit but it decides no no no beddy byes time is the right time. I was worried the light from my phone screen would bother Jared so I actually contemplated getting out of bed and writing but thought, ‘no, fuck you, brain. That’ll just encourage you.’

So tonight, I start my assignment based on my previous scribbles and the new stuff my brain cooked up last night. I really want to get a first draft done this week while we’re on study break and I have heaps of time. Once again, I’m not feeling particularly inspired but I’m going to force myself because I’m not having a repeat of last night. Do you hear me brain?!? This shit is not going to fly.

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