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I’ve had a few friends tell me I should share this blog on social media or they ask if they can share a particular article and I’m always reluctant. While that post may have been fine, there are so many other quite personal posts that I don’t necessarily want available to all and sundry and no doubt there will be more to come in the future.

I’ve even contemplated sharing it myself but, to be honest, it’s not even just the sometimes personal nature of my content. It’s more that I don’t like the idea of self-promotion. Sharing my own blog post on Facebook seems incredibly self-indulgent. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just doesn’t feel right for me. I would totally read someone else’s socially shared blog post (if the topic was of interest to me) and not think any less of them but I just can’t bring myself to do it for my own writing.

At one point, I was going to upload the feature images in my posts to my Instagram account and use those to link back to my blog site. But I changed my mind because people might read my posts, which was kind of the fucking point before I started getting all weird on myself. I still like the idea but with a separate Instagram account that no one knows is mine. So yeah, in a vacuum again. Couldn’t possibly let anyone know I write. My god, who’d want to be friends with me then?

I suppose I could create another blog where I write about less personal stuff but, fuck, who has the time? And again, if my problem is self-promotion, I’m not very well going to be ok with putting some other blog out there in the wide, wide world just because it’s not as personal. It will still be my writing on display.

It’s weird. It actually makes my skin crawl a bit to think of sharing one of my posts on FB for my friends to read and judge and think I’m seeking their attention and approval. Which is what I would be doing, I suppose. I don’t know. I mean, why am I thinking about this? Why do I need to share what what I write more than I am now? Am I writing for me or for others?

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