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I had a super-productive Friday. I spent about an hour walking to/from my jeweller’s (mission: engagement ring) and, on the way, my mind filled with ideas for my assignments. After a week of not being very inspired, things were looking up. You know that feeling you get when you’re writing about something that really excites you? When you’re finally in the zone and ideas are coming at you like a fucking word blizzard? Well, that was me on Friday.

I reworked a draft of one assignment on describing a place/setting and blitzed through some basic research and a pretty rough draft on another assignment on nudity/women’s sexuality. Of course, you let it stew for a few days and you come back find to a whole heap of ways to improve what you had originally thought was straight fire. *sigh* But, regardless, it’s all about those moments when your writing feels almost feverish. When your fingers have a mind of their own and you don’t even feel like you’re thinking because words are just shooting out of your fingertips like you’re some kind of wizard.

I knew what I was writing wasn’t perfect. Hell, I chopped and changed shit all over the place today when I revisited it. But the point is that I got started because that’s always and forever, without fail the hardest part of writing anything. But that awesome feeling of being possessed by whatever your writing doesn’t hurt. And surely everyone could stand to feel like a word wizard in a word blizzard from time to time? Too much? Too bad, I stand by my phrase.

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