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I’ve been reading so much lately about early risers and how much more productive you can become by getting up earlier so I’ve been giving it a go the last two days. I went to bed at the totally not-nanna-ish time of 11pm, which is quite reasonable I thought. I’d always suspected I’d have to go to bed MUCH earlier than that but 11pm turns out to be fine. In the morning, I would usually snooze and snooze and snooze until 8.30am which is my cut-off time for waking up and still being on time for work. But yesterday I got up at 7am and today I got up at 6.30am. I’m actually writing this before work, I have that much time! Plus I’m getting off the bus earlier and walking in through the city, which is nice.

I think my end goal will be to wake up at 6am and walk all the way to work. Or maybe just half way (which I plan to do today). I even had time to do my body brushing this morning and make a semi-proper breakfast (rather than just cereal or toast), which I haven’t done for AGES. I also had my fresh lemon water and I’ve still got a decent amount of time before the bus gets here (10mins to be exact).

It remains to be seen how long I’ll keep this up because I generally have an all or nothing approach to any new routines I try to add to my daily repertoire. I’ll do something obsessively every day for a few days or weeks then I’ll ditch it and never do it again and feel guilty that I couldn’t commit to yet another thing I tried to do for myself. Also, I am coming off a party-free weekend and that’s definitely helped the situation. Can’t see myself getting up at 6am if I’ve had a big weekend. Let’s just be real here. But at least I’m doing something so let’s just take it a day at a time and see what happens.

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