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I honestly don’t know how I will ever go back to full time work. My work hours are so fucking amazing. I get to start at 10am, which means I don’t travel during rush hour and I have heaps of time to get shit done in the morning. I finish at 4pm, which means I again beat rush hour and am usually home by 5pm (when everyone else is leaving work). But the best best best part is having Fridays off. Oh. My God. You can’t even imagine the stuff I get done and that’s before the ‘real’ weekend has even started.

Take today for instance, so far I’ve accomplished the below:

  1. Caught up on all my subscribed blogs, comments, etc.
  2. Done three loads of washing
  3. Fed and walked the dogs
  4. Ate a proper breakfast
  5. Body brushing, shower and moisturising (not really congratulating myself too much over the shower)
  6. Reconciled our credit card in Xero, including cross checking some old transactions against the online statement to correct for double ups, etc (this took ages!)
  7. Emptied and re-stacked the dishwasher
  8. Will take recycling down to the bin when I pick up the towels from the dryer
  9. Miscellaneous wedding stuff, including speaking to the wedding coordinator about our menus and timings and liaising with the decorator about flowers
  10. Written one and now this will be the second blog post.

And it’s just 3pm. I have the rest of the day and night to get cracking on my uni assignments and start looking for a band to play at the wedding. AND it’s a long weekend, which means I don’t have to be back at work ’til Tuesday and then I only have to work 3 days until it’s the frickin’ weekend again. Man, this non-hungover, early-riser, part-time worker life is fucking great.

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