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Wellllllll, as much as I was like ‘Woo I’m king of the world’ yesterday, it faded. My energy levels were apparently unsustainable and I crashed and burned shortly after my post. And I still had so much to get done yet somehow I couldn’t focus on my assignments although I did manage to get a teeny bit of wedding music research done. Woop-de-fucking-doo.

Eventually, I found myself having quite the solitary night curled up on the couch watching Girls and later Master of None while eating a chocolate calzone single-fisted, like a banana. Goddamn it, Natalie. What the fuck? I suppose I still got a decent amount of stuff done, just not the stuff I was really meant to do and now I feel stressed and a bit behind with my assignments. Which is what today’s been all about. And it’s been a near constant struggle to work on these damn projects.

One is due tomorrow and is coming along ok. I’ll probably read it again in the morning and then submit it. I’m feeling alright about that one but the other is driving me fucking mental. I need to get a semi-decent-ish first draft done for probably Monday or Tuesday so I can submit it to my online group discussion board for workshopping. The trouble is I’m just not feeling inspired and I find it so hard to write without inspiration. Everything just sounds boring and tired. I can’t find my train of thought and I keep widening my topic and including more stuff (so I hit my word limit), when what I need to do is slim it down. At the moment, it just feels rambling and unfocused.

Thank god it’s raining so I don’t mind having spent the last two days inside plugging away at the computer. And it’s a long weekend as well. Goddamn, uni life sucks sometimes. All this responsibility is really cramping my style. Oh the things I could get up to if I didn’t have to watch lectures and read shit and complete assignments. Actually, all this stuff is probably keeping me out of a lot of trouble. As you were, uni work, I’ll keep at it. For now. 

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