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Oh man, today’s been one of those days where you’re just pulled in a million directions. I thought I’d be super productive because my boss and the other admin girl were out for most the day at the event they work on together but… no. She called me around midday asking for some last minute printing to be done, which of course the printer was not happy about. I ended up losing about 1.5 – 2hrs on that, which put me behind on all this other budget/maths-related stuff I wanted to get through. *sigh*

I got through it all in the end but the unexpected complications ruined my carefully laid Wunderlist plans, which made be a bit cranky. I tried my best to keep positive by repeating ‘we’re a team, we’re a team, we’re a team’ and by telling myself I should be happy to help out where I can. It worked (a little). What can you do? There’s really no point letting it upset you. It was a last minute request from our boss and she had to get the event set up so the only thing left was for me to sort the printing. I got it done and the world kept spinning.

Then I get home and there’s a million things to do here too – tidy the kitchen after the weekend’s festivities (the cleaner comes tomorrow), household bills and stuff, wedding stuff, other people’s wedding stuff, social stuff, bar-admin related stuff, Mother’s Day stuff and then the tough decision – blog post or uni work? I guess you can tell which one I chose. 😉 Although, it’s only 10pm, all is not lost. I still have an hour to get through some uni work. On the upside, I got up at 7am this morning and had time to get a few extra things done and then walk into work from Kings Cross. So that’s a win and is probably why I’m feeling more energised than I would normally feel after a day like today.

ALSO, a friend has started her own matcha tea company and, because I’ve been doing her copywriting, she gave me a free sample with an awesome little flask and electric whisk. I tried it for the first time tonight and it’s frickin’ delicious. Really green and refreshing. Plus easy to make. I can see myself having it in the mornings and when I get home. Although, it does say matcha is meant to give you “calm mental clarity and heightened awareness” so maybe that’s why I’m so full of beans right now. I don’t drink coffee (it makes me anxious and paranoid) so maybe this is my brain on matcha. If so, I can live with that.

Image credit: New Jersey Family