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Mixed race. Inter-racial. Bi-racial. Half caste. I know we don’t use that last term anymore but we once did. That’s what I am. I’m Australian-Puerto-Rican. My mum is Australian-English and my dad was Puerto Rican-African (I’m told, I don’t think he knew his dad). I am well and truly a one-person melting pot of at least three races and many cultures (I also grew up in Jamaica).

Today, I read an article on FB about people’s reactions to an Old Navy ad featuring an inter-racial family and I was actually hurt (read this for the backstory). I mean, considering it’s just another ‘thing’ on the internet and the internet can often be filled with hateful people saying hateful things but somehow it affected me. This means there are people out there who think I shouldn’t exist, that I’m an abomination. That there’s something wrong with my mother that she would want to be with a brown skinned man. My sister is half-Venezuelan. Mum fucked up twice, it would seem.

Of course, I’m not totally naive. I knew there were people out there like this. I’m ‘lucky’ enough not to have faced all that much racism in my life but you can’t help but wonder how people got this way? Surely we left all that shit back in the 70s? No? Ok then, wishful thinking on my part, I guess, and it will probably never end.

The thing that gets me is how brazen and unapologetic their hatred can be. How can you say something like, “Absolutely disgusting. What’s next? Gender neutral bathrooms? Pedophilia acceptance propaganda?! Never shopping here again” when referring to a photo of family where the parents just happen to be of different races? Plus the family is probably not even real, I mean it is advertising after all, which means the mere suggestion or acknowledgement of a multi-racial family is an outrage to some. Why the actual fuck does that matter to anyone, let alone enrage them so much they post something hateful on social media? And to lump it in with pedophilia – are you fucking crazy? You must be, that’s the only explanation. Actually no, that’s an insult to the mentally ill. You’re just terrible people.

Then you have this: #WhiteGenocide? Really? That’s a bit rich. Everywhere you look, there are white people in advertising and positions of power and privilege. You think Old Navy posting one ad with a mixed race family is going to burn the establishment to the ground. Calm down, sweet cheeks. I think not.


I don’t know about you but this picture definitely screams ‘abomination’ to me

On the upside, human beings have proved we’re not all racist cunts by posting mixed race family photos in support of Old Navy. Because, you know, there are heaps of us and there’s actually nothing to be ashamed of. Sheeesh.

Image credits: Pinterest and Old Navy