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Ahhhh the first week of a new study period, it’s such a special time. In actuality, it’s a cruisey week but I always find myself quite stressed. Mostly because I spend the first day or two mapping out all the work I have to do for the next thirteen weeks and then the following week or three feeling crushed by the weight of said work. 

I know it gets easier as you get into the rhythm of things and start to cover all of the stuff that seems unintelligible at the start of the course. In my mind, I know this is true but that still doesn’t stop me from freaking the fuck out in that first week. Sometimes the stress continues into the second or third week depending on workload and how well designed the course is but usually, by the third week, all is well in the world (or as well as it can be when you’re an adult uni student who also works and wants to have a healthy social life). 

To be fair, working and studying part time has made things a lot easier for me so maybe the stress is just a knee jerk reaction at this point. I do have plenty of time to get it all done, not like when I worked and studied full time. That was fucked. Plus, this unit seems like it might be alright. It’s called Writing the Past and seems to cover a lot of the stuff I did last study period (which I really enjoyed) and the workload doesn’t seem ridiculous (on paper at least). Now if only they’d let you submit reworked assignments from previous units, then my life would be perfect. 

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