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Following on from yesterday’s post, I don’t think I ever really got around to making my point, which was this: if being super fit was a high priority for me, I would make it happen. Sure, it would be nice to go for a morning run or be able to open my own jars or gracefully do the tricks they teach us at pole class but there are other things I prefer doing. Like writing, socialising, doing uni work (more of a necessity than a preference, I suppose) or relaxing, which generally equates to reading or watching TV.

I’m lucky enough that my metabolism keeps me relatively slim, despite my deep and abiding love for cheese and sweets. One day, I’m sure this will fail me and I’ll have to start doing something to stave off the pounds. But not yet, motherfuckers, not yet! Earlier in the year, a doctor told me I have high cholesterol (hereditary) and should focus on my diet and exercise otherwise I’ll need medication. And to that I’ve said ha. No, I’m joking. I’ve reined in my diet a bit (could always eat more vegetables) and I’m walking to work and anywhere else that’s practical (that’s just going to have to do).

I would maybe like to start doing pilates again. I enjoyed that when I did it but it was soooo expensive. We’ll see, I’m not making any grand plans. There was a time when I was very unhappy with my weight and I got my act together and got fit so I know I can do it again if I really want to. But for the moment, I’m happy cruising along. I’m at the stage where I’m more or less comfortable with how my body looks. And even if I’m not 100% pleased with it, I like the base I have to work with and I know it’s just a matter of applying myself to remove any extra layers I may have acquired over the years.

But who knows? The zombie apocalypse might hit and I’ll be glad of my pre-wedding pudge as I definitely wouldn’t be a skilled urban forager/hunter/gatherer. I’d have to attach myself to someone resourceful in order to survive. Actually, that reminds me… I dreamt about the zombie apocalypse last night… Random and not at all fun.

Image credit: It’s Funny